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quietearth [Celluloid 07.14.12] United Kingdom drama

You're probably saying.. wtf? See, there's this 2004 award winning young adult novel by Meg Rosoff which is being adapted into a film and it's about an American girl visiting family in England when WWIII breaks out. Soldiers invade. So far, so good. Why is it relevant? If you've read the young adult PA novel Z for Zachariah, you know why. Now if only we can get someone to adapt it. Check out the first, unimpressive still at The Playlist.

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Megaton (8 years ago) Reply

I wasn't too impressed with the book. I seem to remember not much happened and then then it ended abruptly. But that being said, I'll still watch the movie version of course.


Cap (8 years ago) Reply

Was anyone really surprised this would happen? I will go to see it anyway and hope it's done right.


Votre (8 years ago) Reply

I actually thought the book was well done and a welcome relief from the usual PA WWIII scenarios. So lets get real. If not much happens on an action level, that's only whats to be expected with a group of children living in an occupied country. The highly popular Red Dawn movie was a lot less believable because of that.

If you put a group of kids up against a professionally trained and equipped military, all you'll end up with is a bunch of dead kids. And a series of bloody reprisals against non-combatant civilians if it happens too often.

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