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quietearth [Celluloid 07.09.12] New Zealand post apocalyptic scifi drama western

Combining grassy expanses, wind turbines, and an electric fence, Juliet Bergh's low budget Kiwi drama not only looks stunning, but also uses two amazing talents: Loren Taylor (nee Horsley) from Eagle vs Shark, and Gareth Reeves from A Song of Good. I've seen extended footage, and while I'm not going to give much away besides the synopsis and teaser below, let's just say I'm very excited for this seemingly minimalistic film. Existence has it's world premier at the New Zealand Film Festival on Friday, August 3rd (tickets).

'Existence' is the story of a woman, Freya, who is trapped in a dying world she cannot escape. Set many years from now, the earth is submerged under a toxic ocean and the last remaining land mass barely support the survivors. Freya's family salvages what little remains in a land where they live, effectively, as prisoners. An immense electric fence powered by wind turbines keeps the family shut off from the world beyond. Enigmatic Boundary Riders guard the fence and prevent crossings. Freya believes her only hope for freedom lies with a Boundary Rider who also yearns for something he cannot have. Determined to cross the Fence she seduces the Rider and the consequences are disastrous for her family.

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Superheidi (10 years ago) Reply

looks awesome. What is it about Kiwi and Aussie indie films being so much better than anything else going on right now?


uncleB (10 years ago) Reply

Probably because they are more concerned about actually making something original instead of only the might $ like the Weinsteins and most of Hollywood.


username (10 years ago) Reply

if you were from here... you would understand

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