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quietearth [Bunker Blueprint 07.05.12] scifi mystery

Commercial director Mischa Rozema is raising funds via kickstarter to shoot a short film which he plans on (hopefully) making into a feature. It's based in a world where, after a solar flare, a man discovers that there's a permiter on reality; that the world hasn't finished rendering.

Rozema is looking to raise $50K to shoot in Mexico and for time for his crew to finish post with his company PostPanic back in the Netherlands.

All The Thirteenth Floor comparisons aside, the concept art below is stunning, and based on the promo piece entitled Year Zero (below), we know this is going to look incredible.

A dreamy sequence. Open on the sun. A massive sun flare shoots out. Mexico City. A little kid looks up and sees multiple planes drop out of the sky. Our lead looks out his high rise apartment window; all the city lights go out. In the dark background a few comets rain down. Suddenly all communication stops.

A new day.

Our protagonist works at a software and robotics company. A talented software developer. Has a nice family. Lives in Mexico City but is American.

There's a certain strangeness to the world he occupies but we can't quite put our finger on it. For now we act like it's Mexico City in the near future; a bilingual huge post modern city with big social extremes. The world is being surveilled and maybe even guided but we don't know by who or what. The people don't even seem to notice or mind this clear difference to our reality. The sun's light is different and very present.

Family life and career seem to be going the right direction until a piece of space debris crashes through the office and takes away his cubicle along with 2 of his colleagues. When he comes home he seems a different person. He starts to see the world around him differently, questioning. When he's in the bathroom, ready to go to bed, he pulls out a huge piece of space debris from the back of his neck. Wondering but telling no one, not even his wife.

We also get to know a poor Mexican female factory worker doing her shifts in the same factory in sterile surroundings. She has a radiation accident without anyone witnessing. She also starts to behave differently.

Together they start a search for truths.

The more they search, the more questions they find; this world is slowly revealing itself as a very strange place. They even start to doubt their own lives. What about the holes in their memories? Major events are just not there.

There are forces attempting to silence him as he gets closer to the truth. Our lead grows more paranoid as he is followed by complete strangers. Who are they?

One day the Mexican woman mysteriously disappears. Later on our lead thinks he sees her, following her past the city's borders where he makes a strange discovery: that outside of town, civilization has eroded. There's nothing except nondescript, unfinished structures and landscapes. Some are merely facades, others simply concrete boxes. Whole mountain ranges look low poly and very abstract, only looking good from a certain distance. It's as though we're looking at an unfinished render of our planet. Our lead is rapidly becoming aware that the world as he knows it, the world he thinks he knows, is a lie. Everything we've seen before us throughout the story is simply an emulation of humanity. A copy of the world right before the solar flare.

But like any copy; it has flaws.

If you want to see what this crew is capable of, check this out!

via our friends at opium

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arete (9 years ago) Reply

Definitely sounds very intriguing, here's hoping the third act keep the viewer guessing.

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