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quietearth [Cathode Ray Mission 07.05.12] animation noir

It was two clicks past 7:00... That meant I was at my regular hang, a local joint just past the bird feeder and to the left of the hammock... Based on The Big Sleep, this upcoming animated series is set in a world of insects all inhabiting someones back yard and stars Eyes Bigley, PI. Not much info right now but we'll have more shortly. Check out the teaser below!

Sanitation worker by day, "fly on the wall" by night: Eyes Bigley, PI, takes the buzz out of crime in this 'film noir' based animated series.

FLY By Night is a unique show that uses classic film noirs as plot templates. From "The Big Sleep" to "Touch of Evil,” FLY By Night loosely borrows basic story lines, sets them in a suburban backyard, throws in a vast array of insect characters, and adds lots of laughs thanks to the humorously twisted world of our slick, crime-solving P.I., Ephram Bigley.

By day our hero appears to be an average, blue collar, trash-collecting insect. But at night when the underbelly of "the yard" springs to life, Ephram morphs into the super cool fly, "Eyes" Bigley... the kind of fly that Raymond Chandler would tip his hat to: the slickest, coolest private eye in the backyard.

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