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quietearth [Celluloid 06.27.12] scifi action

While waiting for a real Robotech adaptation, some Spanish folk have taken it upon themselves to make their own version. As I'm feeling lazy I do not have a synopsis or info on whether this is a short or feature. If someone would look these up, we'd greatly appreciate it. Check the trailer for the Robotech fan film below.

Hit CC for English subtitles.

via crunchyroll

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Charles Widmore (10 years ago) Reply

From YouTube -

"Fan Film based on the Robotech Macross saga whose rights are property of Harmony Gold. This production has nothing to do with Harmony Gold. Non-profit project. Done by fans for fans. Without any commercial support. (Work in progress)"

From Vimeo -

"Argentina production of audiovisual content. Specializing in 3d animation, VFX and Post Production."

From LaNueva -

"This morning was cut for three hours the first block of Avenida Alem, where they filmed part of a locally produced short film based on the Japanese cartoon series Robotech."

""It's a short totally independent with its own resources on these 80's cartoons. We follow the first chapter, which is what happened in Latin America," said the producer of the film, César Turturro."

""We ended up making one of the shots is more important than the deployment of extra troops and seeing the device in Alem. It's exciting," said one of the actors dressed in a camouflage suit."

"Turturro told the postproduction of the short take about five months because it will have special effects and computer animation characters."

"At that stage will be added digitally "a very ugly robot, alien, about 18 meters high and built a robot Veritech Argentina, commanded by an Argentine pilot, who practically steals it to come to defend the bahienses" he said."

"Turturro is also director of the film 1982: We were there about the performance of Naval Aviation and Air Force in the war with Britain over the Falkland Islands and also combines real actors and sets entornes characters and animated by computer."


JUDGEFARGO (10 years ago) Reply

What was the point of the two blokes at the bridge?


Speedy (10 years ago) Reply

Tried watching this on my Android phone.
From what I can tell (Before I gave up), Robotech now is about the sport of indoor rock climbing and standing under bridges..

Nice to see people NOT giving anything away in trailers...

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