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quietearth [Celluloid 06.10.12] Ireland (Republic of) post apocalyptic scifi animation action

While I saw headlines for Shane Acker's next animated flick yesterday, I passed them by. Why? I was incredibly disappointed with the feature adaptation of 9, but our friend Phil over at liveforfilms pointed out it involves artificial intelligence, so we're in.

Deep will be made with video game company Valve using their Source engine. The budget is $18 million. Acker is also working on a short film called Plus Minus.

“Deep” is set in a post-apocalypse world, devastated by World War III. But here what’s left of humanity shelters undersea in the hulks of sunken ships. The action adventure turns on Sullivan, a captain of a nuclear sub. He makes contact with a splinter group of superior scientific intelligence, the Wayfarers, which has the power to save the earth. But that could come at a terrible cost.

Source Chicago Tribune

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rek (10 years ago) Reply

Video cannot be embedded.


quietearth (10 years ago) Reply

Yeah i'm going to fix that soon.


samploo (10 years ago) Reply

The source engine? Why the 10 year old source engine?!

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