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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 06.29.12] fantasy

Whether we like it or not, a Highlander remake is coming. The fight to be "The One" will continue or more likely, start again, as it seems that this new movie doesn't follow another character in the universe but rather the one we're all friendly with: Duncan MacLeod.

Earlier in the week it was confirmed that Canuck Ryan Reynolds is the last one standing in the casting wars and he will be taking over the role that Christopher Lambert made famous and which later saw life on TV with Adrian Paul in the lead. I love both interpretations of the character for different reasons and would be hard pressed to pick-one over the other but the first thing I thought when I saw the Reynolds casting news was that he is not MacLeod.

I like Reynolds. Occasionally he's even more than just a pretty face, but he doesn't strike me as the best choice for this role. Let's be honest: he's too pretty. He also doesn't strike me as being able to pull of a kilt. Yes, Chris Hemsworth, Gerard Butler, Clive Owen and Hugh Jackman are all very pretty too but they pull off gruff really well. I've seen Reynolds in a lot of stuff but he simply doesn't exude the kind of male essence that I think of when I think of this franchise. That doesn't mean that he can't pull it off. I'm sure Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (of Intact, 28 Weeks Later and Intruders fame) knows what he's doing (within studio confines) but I must admit my gut feeling is that the lead role has been miscast. I hope to be proven wrong but I'm concerned.

So here's the question: Regardless of whether you want a Highlander remake or not, do you think Reynolds can pull this off or is he too much of a pretty boy? I'm also curious to know who the favourite MacLeod is so far. I have a feeling the scales are tipped in Lambert's favour but I'm not-so-secretly hoping I might be wrong.

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macm (10 years ago) Reply

What is it with these reboots and remakes today? Is there really so little commercial talent in the quest for telling new tales?


donc48 (10 years ago) Reply

Do we really need a Highlander retread? I'm with @Macm whats with these guys? The only orginal stuff seems to comming out of Asia with the odd inde. No wonder I never go to movies.


Koolz (10 years ago) Reply

Oh God horrible Casting Choice is this a joke!
Hollywood is a joke.


aaron (10 years ago) Reply

colin farrel or Ryan Gosling, thats it.


wa5 (10 years ago) Reply

Connor Macleod... not Duncan?
Dont need Reynolds, dont need a remake, and most definately DO NOT need a new soundtrack.. you can't improve upon perfection.


Speedy (10 years ago) Reply

There can only be one!!!


Michael Allen (10 years ago) Reply

I am boycotting all remakes. Join me!!


Zaphod (10 years ago) Reply

Reynolds is a joke and remakes are a waste. Highlander is a classic. Leave it alone.


masque36 (10 years ago) Reply

The best highlander movie was the first one and Adrian Paul is the only one who could equal Christopher Lambert. Enough with these retreads,even come up with new idea or don't waste my time.

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