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quietearth [Celluloid 06.27.12] Spain drama fantasy

Set in some past time period, Oscar Aibar's El Bosc revolves around a family who has mysterious lights appear in the woods near their farmhouse twice a year. Unfortunately, the teaser shares little, but since it was just announced as part of the 2012 Sitges lineup, we'll give it a go. Can anyone share further translated information on what this story is about?

Based on a story by Albert Sanchez Pinol (author of the bestseller La Pell Freda) included in the book Les Edats d'Or (2001) El Bosc tells the story of a family from Matarrana (Aragon) that hides an ancestral secret: mysterious lights glimmer near the house where they live, a supernatural glow that becomes visible two nights a year between the brush of a strange forest. According to family tradition the lights are a door to another world, where no one returns once they cross over and hides the existence of the inhabitants from the nearest town.

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Charles Widmore (10 years ago) Reply

From Lavanguardia -

Tonight Ramon (Alex Brendemühl) travels between two worlds, and what counts as have these things who do not believe in anything. Are you a skeptic? A non-believer? A fool? No, simply a man of the earth. A farmer Matarraña area (Aragon), where they speak Catalan with Castilian music of Aragon. The times are those of the Civil War, and we know that in wartime nobody is for tourism, even to other worlds ...

In fact, his family, the family of Ramon, knows what the passage from time immemorial. In front of his house have always appeared mysterious lights, unexplained with a radiance that have learned to live.

Oscar Aibar (Barcelona, ​​1967) says "cut" and for the filming of The bosc, starring Alex Brendemühl with Pere Ponce, Maria Molins, and the collaboration of American Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan), which plays a captain of the Lincoln Brigade. Tonight roll in a farmhouse near Vila-rodona (Alt Camp).

The bosc is based on a story by Albert Sánchez Piñol, including his first book of fiction, (Les edats d'or, La Campana). "It's a fantastic story, in both senses of the word." For the director of The Great Vazquez (2010) the movie will be a summary of the recurring themes in the author of La pell freda. Piñol fans will be in El bosc with the opposition between civilization and chaos, fear the monster, which is different, and contact with the primal horror of ancient order. "The film, like many of the works of Piñol, there is a conflict motor bourgeois is something more basic, more essential, is the meeting of basic human emotions with elemental fear," says Aibar, who has worked in the script with the same Sánchez Piñol. "We have 20 versions, and not exaggerating."

With bosc, Aibar returns to the fantasy that marked his first film, the legendary Deadlock (1996), probably the most rugged film in cinema history, much more than Coppola's Apocalypse Now. During the filming of Deadlock, for example, the hero died, sick actors, there was a cyclonic storm in the desert of Bardenas (Navarra)! And to make matters worse, the army bombed them by accident. "No, this shoot is becoming more relaxed and family," he jokes.

Aibar Back to fantasy, then, and horror. "But there will be a bloody fantasy, full of special effects," those who rule in the last Spanish film, say the film post-Filmax. "The bosc is" a story that is based on the characters, "says Aibar. Has special effects , but its strength lies in history. "The Civil War puts the bottom at about ancient human conflicts, rooted in the land wild and hard is the Matarraña." So speaking, half joking and half serious, of a film agrofantástico gender. Aim the fusion of manners with fantasy elements. "The proximity of the forest is marked by all, as it marked the night and its inhabitants," he says. So is delighted to have actors of the caliber of Brendemühl - "that is a wonderful actor looks, "he says, and Ponce. And as for his third star, Maria Molins, said that not a star or a media icon:" It's much more: it is a wonderful actress. "The bosc in Aibar that works in parallel with the installation, be ready for October, probably for presentation at the Sitges Festival. "I'm sure that will surprise," he says with conviction. E excited.

From Lahiguera -

When, in 2002 Albert Sánchez Piñol wrote "Cold Skin" (Ed. The Bell) nobody could even imagine a fantasy genre could become the overwhelming success of Catalan literature of all time. Translated into 37 languages ​​and with a huge number of copies sold, "Cold Skin" broke all the molds and brought a whole generation to literature by a lively style and highly original drinking, but of the great authors with all We started reading: Stevenson, Verne, Salgari or Lovecraft. Since then Piñol has managed to cultivate an audience absolutely faithful to his narrative and consolidate each piece its unique and attractive personal universe ("Pandora in the Congo", "Thirteen sad trances").

The idea of ​​bringing to the screen "El Bosc", one of his stories collected in his first published fiction ("I edats d'or", Ed La Campana, 2001), arises from our admiration for the work of this author, and the desire to do a different genre film, based on a personal look and style have their own.

"El Bosc" is a story that is divine and all the elements that would form after the universe Piñol. On the one hand we find one of his recurrent themes: the struggle of nature (chaos and fantastic) against the human (civilization and rational). Furthermore, ancestral fear of the monster (the unknown and different), in contemplation of the horror we all reflected.

"El Bosc" takes place in a landscape hard and very peculiar, the Matarraña, well known to the author as it is the land of their ancestors, where he spent the summers of his childhood and often retire to write. This small region of sinuous and bizarre rocks, gnarled olive trees and beasts lurking, is located in the strip bordering Tarragona Teruel. One of its greatest peculiarities is the language, an old Catalan Aragonese and Valencian influenced our history that gives a very special personality trait. Both the language and the landscape help to build their own micro-universe in which the characters move.

The characters in "El Bosc" love, delude themselves suffer, but particularly struggling to survive in this particular universe in which the fantastic is needed, not only as a means of escape to an imaginary harsh reality but as a literal path escape to save his own life. The script uses the civil war and human conflict triggered a far older and rooted, that during the war triggered in cruel revenge and settling of scores, which was repeated in many towns in Spain during this period and remains in the collective subconscious through family stories and myths rural.

This rural setting is another thing that attracts us most in history. The merger of rural manners the fantasy element (which we half-jokingly dubbed as "agrofantástico") is not very common in our cinema and we are sure will attract the viewer. The struggle against the elements for the fruit of the land, the proximity of the forest, the night and its mysterious inhabitants, are something that in most cases only separated from us by a couple of generations.

The filming will take place over six weeks. Five weeks in the farmhouse of Can Vinyals (Vila-Rodona near Tarragona) to shoot the interiors of the house and the forest, and a week in the village of Arnes (Terra Alta, Tarragona) to shoot the people and the natural outdoor .

Oscar Aibar, Barcelona, ​​1967.

He began his career working as a comic book writer for magazines Totem Makoki, the Viper, Zone 84, International Comix, Creepy or Cairo, which publishes comic books from 1986 to 1994. After his work as writer alternates, director of TV and video clips of the film, in addition to publishing the story book "Your mind runs checks your body can not pay" (Debate, 2003) and the novels "chalk eaters" (Trojan Horse, 2005) and "Making Of" (Mondadori, 2008).

He directed the films "Deadlock" (1996), film absolutely pioneered the new fantasy film Catalan and considered a cult by experts from around the world, "Flying Saucers" (2004), referring to critics and authors (including notable for its proximity and its Extraterrestrial Nacho Vigalondo), "The dancing machine" (2006), "Rumors" (TV movie, 2007) and the more recent "The Great Vazquez" (2010), who participated in the Festival's Official Selection San Sebastian International and won the award for Best Screenplay at the Festival International de Monte Carlo.

Author and screenwriter
Albert Sánchez Piñol, Barcelona, ​​1965.

Anthropologist and writer. He is the author of the book of short stories "Compagnie difficile" (2000) Marcello Fois with. That same year he also published the essay "Pallassos i monstres," a satirical biography of eight African dictators.

In 2001 he published a book of short stories "I edats d'or", showing the story "El Bosc" which is based on the screenplay for the film.

In 2002 she published the novel "The Pell Freda" ("Cold Skin"), translated into 37 languages ​​and in 2005 "Pandora in the Congo", translated into 15 languages.

In 2008 appeared the collection of stories "Tretze Tristos tràngols" ("Thirteen sad trances"). He has won several awards, among which the narrative Critical Eye (2003), the Grinzane-Francesco Biamonti (2005) and the Serra d'Or (2006).

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