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quietearth [Celluloid 06.07.12] India post apocalyptic scifi animation

It's almost like the golden era of the Hollywood studio system in India right now with their massively booming film industry. Unfortunately, none of these films really interest me, except this short. Based in a post apocalyptic world, this animated, stop motion piece looks incredible. Sorry, but no further information available right now.

This is the trailer of the animated short film Luminous Matter which is set in a parallel post-apocalyptic present, where mankind no longer exists. In a world covered with nuclear fog and left to total ruin, a rapidly evolving race of uranium-based life forms called Ouraosteus have emerged.

This stop motion animated short follows the story of the last survivor of an endangered species called Ouraosteus Lutessentia who is being hunted down by a superior predatorily race of Ouraosteus Ablissentia.

The last Lutessentia has stumbled upon the “house of the forgotten” and the key to its survival and evolution.

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