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quietearth [Celluloid 06.27.12] United Kingdom horror

[Pun intended] Based on the famous sound studio in Italy which catered to Z-grade horror films, Peter Strickland's (Katalin Varga) second feature revolves around a sound engineer from the UK. Guess what he finds?

The one review I've read is quite positive, but we'll wait for a verdict from our own projectcyclops whose covering EIFF. On a side note, he dug Katalin Varga.

Every horror film in Italy has its sound twisted and sharpened at Berberian Sound Studio. Only the cheapest, nastiest and most abhorred films pass through these studio doors. Entering this twilight world of cinema is Gilderoy, the unassuming sound engineer from Dorking, England. Having previously recorded sound only for local documentaries, Gilderoy is hardly prepared to enter a studio of horror populated by sleazy directors, desperate actresses, freaks, troubadours and troublemakers.

via The Guardian

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