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quietearth [Celluloid 05.14.12] Republic of Korea scifi drama

It looks sappy but what the hell, it's post apocalyptic. There is one shot of body looting and really, I'm hoping there's more. It's scheduled for an upcoming release in Korea. What do you think? Would you watch it?

Ninety percent of the human race has been wiped out in six months and nobody knows what kills them. The government and scientists desperately search for the cause, but only thing they find out is the exact timing of each person's death. Violence and chaos sweep cities, except for this one city where somehow people manage to live a normal life. As if nothing happened. As if nothing will ever happen. People flock to the city for a peaceful death and a sliver of hope. Still, the latest announcement by the government predicts that the human race will extinct in 18 hours.

She has come to this city to embrace her death after losing her family and lover, regretting that she is one of the last survivors. Here, she meets him, who crossed the ocean with a mysterious pill of life, which did not come to him easily. The last day, also her birthday, the city almost too peaceful sinks her mood even deeper; he laments what he had to do to survive. The sun sets, and terrified by other people's deaths around, they agree to spend the last five hours together. Confronted by life and death, what will be their choice?

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Umberto (8 years ago) Reply

I popoli asiatici per queste tematiche hanno una sensibilita' unica... mi sembra un gran bel film.


Aburar (8 years ago) Reply

It was a nice trailer short and to the point. It did a good job of crienatg tension and anticipation.I'd love to win the book.Carolyn BoylesSearcy (a photographic history of Searcy, Arkansas) by Carolyn Boyles and Patsy Pipkin coming in January 2012 from Arcadia Publishing Company

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