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quietearth [Celluloid 05.14.12] Spain post apocalyptic comedy drama

While this is a couple of years old it barely got attention. A short film anthology clocking in at somewhere over 30 minutes, it follows 7 survivors after a nuclear apocalypse and is billed as a dark comedy. It looks damn good. The Spanish title is Chroniques de Survivants.

A nuclear catastrophe has befallen the entire planet. Around the globe, a few survivors try to adapt to this new reality. “Survivors’ Chronicles” is an anthology of seven shorts telling their stories.

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Wooders (8 years ago) Reply

Thanks for the heads up on that. Not sure where you got Spaniards from. It seems to be a series of short films strung together, made by seven French directors.

Info from an interview in French here:

You should be able to get the sense running it through Google Translate

Here's a beautiful 2 minute sequence

Would be great to see the whole thing

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