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Christopher Webster [DVD News 05.31.12] scifi action

Yep, they're producing a 30th Anniversary Blade Runner Blu-ray that will be available 10/02/12. Those of you who picked up the awesome brief case release a few years back are probably wondering what's new on this set that makes it more than a double dip.

Word is the Blade Runner: 30th Anniversary Edition will be a 4-disc BD/DVD/UltraViolet Combo in 72-page BD book packaging. According to the Amazon listing, it's going to include "All new bonus content disc featuring the existing EC from the UCE plus a high definition Photo Gallery with 1,000+ images that was created but not included on the last release due to space.

The thing that makes the last set so great was that it included all the various iterations of the film, including the infamous workprint. I can't imagine this will include all that, but I guess we'll see as details are still emerging.

Click on the cover art to pre-order the Blu-ray.

The Digital Bits found out that the studio does not plan to release the Dangerous Days documentary that was previously releases in high-def, which I think is too bad.

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S (10 years ago) Reply

we already have all the versions in the final cut tin.
are they going to do this every five years and add another tv documentary and some printed concept art or some other rehashing for a quick buck?

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