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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 05.08.12] thriller drama

Update: Canadian release date has been confirmed for June 8th.

We're cooling our heels trying not to get too wound up about the double hit of Cronenberg that will soon drown Cannes but I must admit, I'm having a hard time keeping a cool head where Cronenberg Sr.'s Cosmopolis is concerned. I've mostly enjoyed the director's films of late but admittedly, I miss the strange, otherworldly vibe that permeated many of his earlier works that has been missing from his last few films.

That said, this adaptation of Don DeLillo's strange novella of a young business man navigating what appears to be the last day of normalcy in the word doesn't initially sounds like Cronenberg's style but there's enough strangeness in DeLillo's book that the trailer has delivered exactly what I hoped from new Cronenberg: a creepy, off kilter universe where nothing is what it seems.

In this first clip from the film, Eric Packer, the film's lead, gets into a taxi cab with his wife though from the exchange, it's clear they haven't been married for long and though it's not clear here, this is a relationship of money marrying money. As is the case with the original source material, the dialogue here is stilted and there's an overall feeling that nothing in Packer's life is real.

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