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quietearth [Celluloid 04.13.12] Ukraine post apocalyptic drama

Not many details are available, but this Ukranian post apocalyptic piece looks like another wander in the woods, but it does have one great shot at the end of trailer with a beautiful matte painting. 30 years ago, the largest man made nuclear disaster happened, changing everything forever. Now a group of survivors are looking for a special shipment that just might save their lives..

Special thanks to the Avery Mining Corp.

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. (10 years ago) Reply

SO many post apoc movies these days are just wandering trought the woods or forests.

Where the hell are the ruined scyscrapers?


James-Polymer (10 years ago) Reply

They probably didn't have the budget for that. Remember I Am Legend, the 2007 Will Smith flick? They closed down entire blocks of NYC when filming-it was either that, build a couple skyscrapers from scratch, or CGI the whole thing (which usually doesn't work next to live actors).


Mark (10 years ago) Reply

Music - Once Upon A Time In The West. I love that - love to hear a new version, too.


Digitalunderdog (10 years ago) Reply

Thanks for posting!

For updates.

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