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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.03.12] Colombia horror thriller

As if waking up to re-live the same day in an endless loop isn't bad enough, imagine waking up every day to re-live your brutal death.

Such is the case in Wake up and Die (Volver a morir) or Die Again as it is also known, a Colombian thriller written and directed by Miguel Urrutia and starring Andrea Montenegro as Clarissa, the woman who wakes up early every morning only to be stabbed to death by a serial killer by the name of Dorian, played by Luis Fernando Bohorquez.

Here's a little more on the synopsis care of JoBlo:

Clarissa wakes up early morning, naked with no idea where she is. She soon discovers that she is in Dorian 's bed, a complete stranger. Dorian might appear to be the perfect man, but he is quite the opposite. He's actually a serial killer. His true colors show when he not only rapes Clarissa, but kills her. Surprisingly, Clarissa awakes again and realizes that her death is just the beginnin...

Again and again and again, she re-awakes to what appears to be the same night. She endures a brutal strangling, stabbings, a broken neck and other painful deaths in a seemingly endless cycle of terror. After numerous disturbing deaths, Clarissa wakes up, determined to put into action a plan using clues collected from each terrifying memory.

I've left out the last line of the synopsis because quite frankly, it's a bit spoilerific.

In addition to the poster and synopsis, we've also dug up a trailer, more of a clip truth be told, for the project which sets up the tone nicely, even if it does start off looking like soft-core porn. The image of Clarissa curled up on the floor on a bare room, essentially the image in the poster, is extremely effective. Hopefully this will see life in the North American market, it already has distribution deals in a slew of other markets, because I'd love to check it out.

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j.j. (10 years ago) Reply

Sounds like a good version of 'The Deaths of Ian Stone' which was a terrible, terrible film with a brilliant premise.


quietearth (10 years ago) Reply

The beginning of Ian Stone was awesome.

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