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quietearth [Celluloid 04.03.12] Hungary scifi thriller

As we announced yesterday, Sci-Fi London will be hosting the Hungarian sci-fi flick Cycle which revolves around an astronaut caught in an endless loop. I've seen a rough cut, and let me say this enigma with a distraught pace brings the mystery of 2001 and inserts it into a particle accelerator. Newcomer Zoltan Sostai's Cycle is a MUST SEE for any sci-fi fan.

The Astronaut arrives on a strange rooftop, disorientated he looks for answers, encountering a strange masked man who seems to know more than he is saying. Behind them both approaches a deadly black fog that slowly covers everything.

The Astronaut runs, finds a doorway and suddenly is back on the roof, repeating his actions?! He seems to have only a short memory but he needs to find a way home.

He starts to stay for longer in different strange scenes where he meets the same people again and again, but each time they act differently and the stories they tell change.

Cycle homepage
Sci-Fi London page

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drawkward (11 years ago) Reply

Why do I get the feeling I'm never going to see most of these films?


Lenny (11 years ago) Reply

I feel like that too and am bummed cause this is sooooo in my wheelhouse.


mabo (11 years ago) Reply

too bad it looks so close to the visuals in 2001, the loop thing looks interesting though


JUDGEFARGO (11 years ago) Reply

What's bad about it lloking a bit like 2001?


LogaanFride (11 years ago) Reply

Looks so good!


shakenTJ (11 years ago) Reply

cant see the trailer but sounds similar to Robert Silverburgs absolutly inflexible, great short story which bodes well for this film :)


Wumpus (6 years ago) Reply

This is now available on Vudu. I wasn't terribly impressed, unfortunately. The story is repetitive by design, but I don't think the dialogue needed to be so... empty.

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