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quietearth [Celluloid 04.30.12] France musical animation comedy

The morbid can be so fascinating, especially when it's animated and revolves around a shop selling suicide devices. We had an earlier trailer but a new one has released which has Laurels showing this as part of the Cannes official selection, but all I can find is this article which states it will be screened outside of competition.. in a special screening.

Here is a rough synopsis translation of Le Magasin Des Suicides:
First, Tuvache family consists of five characters. parents are traders and sell products to commit suicide. They would do anything to sell their goods. The eldest son, who is depressed but extremely creative, is in a bubble: it is always and only very few open to the outside world. The sister is a teenager ill at ease and full of complexes. Until the day when the youngest, Alan, just change everything with his "cruel" joy of living ...

via bleeding cool

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