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quietearth [Celluloid 04.12.12] Australia scifi thriller

Dark City and The Crow: Two classics which any cinephile knows. While director Alex Proyas hasn't done anything else noteworthy, every time we hear his name we salivate at the thought of the production of more cult goodness. After Paradise Lost was recently canned due to costs, Proyas has found his mus (which is fully funded and ready to go) in Heinlen's novel The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag which was his inspiration for Dark City.

Here's a brief introduction to the story via
Jonathan Hoag, a lover of art and fine dining living in Chicago, realizes that he has no memory of his daytime activities when asked, at an evening dinner, what he does for a living. Furthermore, when he washes his hands in the evening, he discovers a red-brown substance, possibly dried blood, under his fingernails.

He contacts a detective agency, Randall & Craig, and asks them to follow him during the day. The partners, actually the husband and wife team of Ted and Cynthia Randall, agree to this. The mystery begins immediately: they routinely try to collect fingerprints from their client, but find that Hoag left none, even when not wearing gloves.

The film is slated for a fall shoot in Australia.

via THR

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Srynerson (10 years ago) Reply

Finally! It was over three and a-half years ago that this site originally announced this project and, having heard nothing more for years, I was starting to think that it was nothing more than a rumor that didn't pan out.


goodman (10 years ago) Reply

Alex proyas is one of my favorite.
I cant wait for a dark city spin off or a sequel.The origonal was one of a kind senario

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