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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 03.09.12] scifi horror thriller adventure

We've had to wait while Danny Boyle explored his drama chops with Slumdog Millionaire and 127 Hours. And it's been fun, really it has. But I think we can all agree it's time for the director of 28 Days Later and Sunshine to get back into the genre game. And he just might be, with a shape shifting dog movie called Sharp Teeth.

Okay, so it's not official, but screewriter Simon Beaufoy (127 Hours, Hunger Games: Catching Fire) let it slip to our pals at io9 that he's been talking to Danny Boyle about doing an adaptation of the epic, novel length poem which he's currently working to adapt.

An ancient race of lycanthropes survives in modern LA and its numbers are growing as packs convert the city's downtrodden into their fold. Stuck in the middle are a local dogcatcher and the woman he loves, whose secret past haunts her as she fights a bloody one-woman battle to save their relationship.

Meanwhile, dog packs fight and scheme all around the them, hiding out in old warehouses, city kennel cages, or the plush comfort of suburban homes. Paying no heed to the moon, these packs change from human to wolf at will, squaring off against one another as they seek dominance at any cost.

"Sharp Teeth" is a novel-in-verse that blends epic themes with dark humour, dogs playing cards, crystal meth labs, and acts of heartache and betrayal in Southern California.

So c'mon Danny, do it! Ridley Scott's gone back to scifi/horror with Prometheus. Oh what, you think you're better than Ridley Scott or something?

More as it comes!

Read Sharp Teeth (P.S.)

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Lenny (10 years ago) Reply

Immediatly thought of that movie Suburbia, "the Dogs man, the dogs". Also Sam and his brother from True Blood come to mind. Love Danny Boyle tho so bring it on! Sunshine is up there with my all time faves.

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