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One of my favourite, go-to movie blogs is I Only Watch 18s which is run by one of the most foulmouthed, juvenile and hilarious Brits writing about movies today.

So anyway, I Only Watch 18s likes British actor Danny Dyer (who we agree is the bee's bollocks) and the actor recorded a brief message for the site about why he also only watches 18s.

For those of you who don't know what "18s" means, it's the movie rating system used in the UK, which means 18s is the equivalent of an
R rating over here.

For those of you asking yourself why I would post this, I don't have an answer. I just did.

Video is NSFW

I'm guessing he's not a Downton Abbey fan...

Some good Danny Dyer movies include: Severance, Outlaw, Doghouse, Football Factory and Devil's Playground

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paul haine (10 years ago) Reply

"good Danny Dyer movies"



Rmay (10 years ago) Reply

This is a man who once suggested facially scarring a girl if she dumps so you that no-one else wants her.

As a nation, we're pretty ashamed of him...


j.j. (10 years ago) Reply

Why do you publicize morons like this? Don't you have any real news to report?


Matthew Dwight (10 years ago) Reply

lol... oh how the brits hate Danny Dyer... well, i think he's adorable and can imagine kissing him for hours... i only watch 18s features the worst film reviews in history

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