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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 03.28.12] scifi comedy

A film that seemed to get a warm reception at Sundance this year was Safety Not Guaranteed (Kilwog gave it a 9/10 no less), an indie comedy that uses a classified ad as a starting point for a touching road movie. It's from the producers Little Miss Sunshine and co-stars Mark Duplass, but I wouldn't go so far as to call this mumblecore. It's seemed fairly targeted to a larger indie niche.

From the producers of Little Miss Sunshine – When an unusual classified ad inspires three cynical Seattle magazine employees to look for the story behind it, they discover a mysterious eccentric named Kenneth, a likable but paranoid supermarket clerk, who believes hes solved the riddle of time travel and intends to depart again soon. Together, they embark on a hilarious, smart, and unexpectedly heartfelt journey that reveals how far believing can take you.

Aubrey Plaza, Mark Duplass, Jake Johnson, Karan Soni

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jjay (10 years ago) Reply

looks like a saturday afternoon type of movie.


Charles Widmore (10 years ago) Reply

Looks interesting. I haven't seen a really good time travel movie since Primer.

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