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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 03.01.12] post apocalyptic apocalyptic scifi horror

Sam Raimi is primed to bring a big-screen version of John Wyndham's famous post-apocalyptic plant yarn, The Day of the Triffids to the masses.

The new film will be written by British writer Neil Cross, known for creating the TV drama series Luther. Cross recently worked with Guillermo del Toro on Mama, a horror feature starring Jessica Chastain and executive produced by Guillermo Del Toro and was even hired by del Toro to polish up his upcoming monster movie Pacific Rim.

The last version of Day of the Triffids that was produced was the BBC mini-series that actually wasn't all that bad.

More as it comes!

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wa5 (10 years ago) Reply

"wasn't all that bad"? It sucked, the 2009 version had nothing on the 1981 classic, They destroyed the story. I hope nobody involved with the new producction had anything to do with the 2009 version.


Rev Wright (10 years ago) Reply

I couldn't agree more, the 2009 version was shameful tosh


rbk (10 years ago) Reply

Also agree completely.


zyzzaz (10 years ago) Reply

as a somewhat efficianardo of the book, I must say I enjoyed teh recent BBC version, admitedd as an interpretation of teh book it was pretty bad but as a story taken as a singularity it is enjoyable (especially izzard as a somewhat daemonic torrence), even the 1981 bbc version has its faults but as a interpretation of the book it is much better, the real crime is the 1967(?) Film! I am looking forward to a new version more so as raimi's name is associated


wa5 (10 years ago) Reply

Nope, the 2009 version just plain sucked. only thing going for it were a fair sized budget and the acompanying special effects. The Triffids made no sense, Predators that could be bargained with by Miss/ Sister Durrant... purlease... Miss Durrant selling out har "flock".. Wyndhams' Miss Durrant would Never do that.
The 81 Version suffered only due to lack of funds, and the subsequent cutting of Bill and Cokers meeting with the survivors in the Great house after they left Tynsham. It is the best screen interpratation so far.

I would go so far as to put the 09 version behind the 1962 (Howard Keel) version...

They both pale before the 81 version.

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