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What exactly the deal is with Michael Bassett's Solomon Kane (review) in terms of its US/Canadian distribution continues to be a major mystery for everyone - the director included.

Rumors abound about certain companies picking up the rights all proved false and all remained quite. In the meantime, Bassett has completed Silent Hill 2: Revelations 3D which currently awaits a release plan and date.

But wait! Solomon Kane has been chosen to open Action Fest 2012 and Bassett has hinted that if the legals folks can finalize a deal, the showing could heral the announcement of US theatrical run:

"This is also, I hope, the opening salvo for the theatrical release of the movie in the US later this year. Still nothing official to share as it's still all about legal and paperwork but hopefully an announcement will be made just after the festival screening that will give us all (me in included) a clearer idea what’s happening with it.

I have been told a plan and if it works out as promised (fat chance, I know) then my North American friends will get to see Solomon Kane as it was intended – on the big screen."

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