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quietearth [Celluloid 03.05.12] France post apocalyptic scifi animation western 3-d

It's been one hell of a long wait since Bilal's last, Immortal Ad Vitam (trailer below) and as we reported about a month ago, he's hard at work on his next which falls under our favorite genre: post apocalyptic. The storyboards are being prepped as the film is still in development and some new details have emerged stating the film will be a combination of real-life shots, 2D and 3D animation techniques, and virtual images. The story straddles the line of western and ecological disaster and is based on his one shot comic of the same name.

Here's a lengthier synopsis:
Written by Bilal and Olivier Roth, the screenplay is set on Earth, after it has revolted against human aggression in the “Blood Coup”. All the planet’s physical, geographical, and climatological rules have been shaken. Marine turtles fly, the Pic du Midi is next to the Himalayas, and the Baltic Sea has become a desert. Those humans who have survived the chaos roam Earth in search of the only source of survival: fresh drinking water. There are still a few El Dorados, where survival is possible, but for some the only way to reach them is the sea. The D17 Straight is one of these passages.

Reportedly, Animal'z will be the star of the show at the upcoming co-production forum Cartoon Movie, Now get moving!

via Cineuropa

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