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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 03.12.12] drama fantasy adventure

Well, it took a while to get here but the trailer official poster for Agnes Merlet's (Dorothy Mills) Hideaways, a whimsical fable which laces magical-realist elements and colorful humor into a romance/drama about teens with powers, has finally arrived.

The Furlong men all were blessed or cursed with unique abilities. Ten-year-old James Furlong's father was able to shut off all electricity around him when he was scared, and his grandfather went temporarily blind when he thought about sex. James' mother died while giving birth to him, and as he experiments to figure out what his ability is, he unintentionally causes the death of his father and grandmother. Then, when he's sent to a reformatory school and sparks a strange illness that wipes out all the children who bullied him, James flees to a cottage in the woods to live a life of isolation.

Years later, as a young man, James is discovered by Mae, a young cancer patient who escapes from the nearby hospital. As their special relationship blossoms, both learn to live with the curses—and blessings—they inherit.

Hideaways stars Rachel Hurd-Wood (Solomon Kane, Tomorrow When the War Began) and Harry Treadaway (Fish Tank, City of Ember)

Not exactly sure when this one's coming out...

Check out the first trailer for Hideaways below!

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