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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 03.15.12] Chile thriller drama

One night, you're working late at the office, hear a noise and go exploring. You kill the intruder only to find that it's your secretary. What bothers you most is not that you killed an innocent woman but that you didn't feel anything afterward.

It's not a completely new story, in part Fight Club explored a similar theme, but Juan Francisco Olea's The Lamb (El Cordero) approaches this from a slightly different angle.

Domingo is a family man. This small, insignificance is what enables him to have a tranquil life. One night he confuses his secretary with a robber and kills her. Anyone would be overwhelmed by guilt but he feels nothing. Unable to bear his abnormality, he launches into a spiral of violence hoping that something in him will awake and he can be like everyone else.

The film's first teaser is actually a short scene from the film and if it's any indication, Olea's film, written by Nicolas Wellmann who previously colaborated with Olea on El Bluff, also has a dark sense of humour.

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