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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 02.13.12] Russia scifi

Holy hell on wheels... August Eighth (Avgust Vosmogo) is an absolutely insane looking, big budget sci-fi slammer coming from Russia. It's being produced by Inhabited Island producer Fyodor Bondarchuk (which, BTW I'm still looking for on region free Blu-ray if anyone knows a place) so you know it's going to be big, big big!

A couple trailers are below. They show an odd mix of drama and epic Battle: LA style action against giant Transformers like robots. Crazy Russian madmen. I love you!

August Eighth - story of an ordinary young woman. Ksenia's life is not too happy. Problem at work, problem in personal life, problem with mother, a baby requiring constant cares... Ksenia want to spend a few days in Sochi with new boyfriend, and mom sends her son Artem to the boy's father on Caucasus. But Georgia started war and she must overcome fear, overcome circumstances, she must save her child...

The Russian release date is 21 February 2012. Here's hoping we can see this one soon.

Hit the Closed Caption button for English subs on this one.

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USERNAME (10 years ago) Reply



looks like they found a few tanks and some talc powder.

Lets make a movie!


Lenny (10 years ago) Reply

Yeah I'm still waiting to see Inhabited Island too...


Mihail (10 years ago) Reply

Well, it's a war drama, not a sci-fi or fantasy. 'Transformers' it is a fantasy of a boy. Movie budget is 16 000 000 $
From Russia. Like Your Blog)


Diggler (10 years ago) Reply

It looks very impressive, but the Tron guy was a bit disconcerting


trogen (10 years ago) Reply

soy but wtf


Juan Valdez (10 years ago) Reply

So let me get this straight. The tiny country of Georgia declared WAR on the massively powerful nation of Russia? The woman is saved from the evil Georgian menace by a Russian "peacekeeper" who will stop at nothing? Russian propaganda films are every bit as bad as American ones. Wait, they are worse due to poor acting and worse production value.


SuperSpaceCat (10 years ago) Reply

It's not propaganda, the main plan of the film is mother who tries to save her son. War between Georgia and Russia just a background of this story.
And one thing, Georgia wanted to attach South Osetia to her territory, they knew about danger of war with Russia. But they didn't excepted what Russia will enter in Georgia.(soory for my bad English)


SuperSpaceCat (10 years ago) Reply

Russian forces will enter in Georgia*
If every film about war is propaganda, then "Transformers" for example is propaganda too. Georgia got weapons, tanks, helis and planes by NATO. They thought NATO will help them with war with Russia, but they just leave Georgia for destroying.

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