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quietearth [Celluloid 02.10.12] horror thriller drama fantasy romance

We've been covering director A.D. Calvo for some time and while we have an earlier trailer, we've been passed the official sales trailer as it's coming to VOD and headed for the European Film Market. The first in his "gothic mental illness trilogy", the story revolves around a girl and her doll. She's nuts.

TMF will be available on Comcast on March 5th under the "World premier folder".

TMF will be available on Time Warner, TMO, Brighthouse, Cox, Charter and affiliated systems on April 6th in the "Indies" folder.

Against the objections of a life-size doll, a delusional young girl falls for an alluring Goth in this unconventional psychological holiday thriller.

We're expecting great things from Calvo.

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