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quietearth [Celluloid 02.06.12] France post apocalyptic scifi animation

Sea turtles are flying! I have little time as I've got to run to class, but one of our favorites who is behind Immortels (Ad Vitam), Tykho Moon, and Bunker Palace hotel is currently in development on his next which is post apocalyptic and revolves around finding water on an earth that has revolted. Check out the concept art below.

The planet earth has revolted against the aggressions of mankind: it is "Le Coup de Sang". All rules physical, geographical and climatological planet are disrupted. Sea turtles are flying, the Pic du Midi is adjacent to the Himalayas, the Baltic Sea has become a desert.

The humans who survived the chaos are in search of the vital resource: clean fresh water. Some Eldorados satisfies the conditions of their survival, still exist, but only the sea offers some ways to get there. Strait D17 is one of those passages.

I have been eagerly awaiting Bilal's next and can't wait!

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