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quietearth [Celluloid 01.29.12] zombies comedy

Zombies just got themselves a hero! This zombedy which is produced, directed and written by Shaun O'Sullivan (whose last film was a short 15 years ago) seems like a rip-off of Shaun of the Dead, so I'm in. Read on for the skinny.

As a special message to our UK friends, Zombieland was better then Shaun. Yup, it was.

The Zombie Apocalypse wasn't much of an apocalypse. Zombies are living among us as second class citizens, and "Undead Rights" activists are taking to the streets in protest against Zombie bigotry. Dave doesn't give a fig about Zombies, but if saving them from society means getting the girl of his dreams, then the Zombies just got themselves a Hero!

Currently in pre-production, there's no word on a release date.

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AndyF (10 years ago) Reply

Greetings from the UK.

You are, of course, wrong - Shaun and Zombieland are both outstanding movies


sevenape (10 years ago) Reply

Zombieland was great, but better than shaun of the dead? Someone must have slipped something in your cornetto.


steve (9 years ago) Reply

Surely the best zombie comedy is still evil dead 2....its scarier and funnier than both of those films put together


eby (8 years ago) Reply

Zombieland was good, don't get me wrong, but it was let down by really stupid flaws in the characters (especially emma stone and abigail breslin) whereas in Shaun of The Dead it's more that the character's make fun of themselves which for me was so funny.

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