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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 01.16.12] scifi

With House of the Devil, Cabin Fever 2 and Innkeepers, Ti West has turned in three fairy stellar indie horror films over the last couple years, so we're pretty intrigued to hear that his science fiction film The Side Effects could go into production as early as February.

West recently told The Playlist that The Side Effects is about "pharmaceutical testing in space and paranoia," and that he's "finally acquired the financing, and cast, for the movie, in what is perhaps an unexpected departure for the historic purveyor of horror."

He went on to reveal that yes, there are spaceships: "I have this science-fiction movie that I’ve been raising the money for, for the past six months,” he revealed. “I’ve now cast the lead, and I’ve got most of it together. But it’s a science fiction movie, so we need to build spaceships, so it’s one of those things I can’t really rush into and I can’t do it for less than we need for it, because we have to build things. But I would hope that right after Sundance, that kicks into gear, and I would love to be prepping that in February"

We are certainly looking forward to any cast announcements.

UPDATE: Word is that Liv Tyler has been cast in the lead role.

More as it comes!

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sonaboy (10 years ago) Reply

replace Cabin Fever 2 with The Roost, and we'll be in complete agreement.


Testing (10 years ago) Reply

Wait what? Liv Tyler is cast? Bad decision!

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