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quietearth [Celluloid 01.06.12] Republic of Korea scifi horror drama

From Park Jeong-Woo, the writer of Attack the Gas Station! comes a riff on The Wrath of Khan in Gordian Worm, a natural disaster film which revolves around mutant wireworms that have the ability to control human brains. They force Korea into a state of emergency and apparently the film revolves a doctor struggling to save his inected family. Considering there are insects that actually do this, whether forcing grasshoppers to commit suicide by jumping into the water or making potato bugs sit in the sun so they'll get eaten by birds to conintue their life cycle, it doesn't seem so far fetched except for the fact that our brains are far more complex. Currently shooting until February, Jeong-Woo's big budgeter is looking at a mid-2012 release date. More as it comes.


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