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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 01.06.12] drama

We've just dug up the first trailer, images and poster for a fantastic looking indie from the always surprising James Franco. It's called Maladies, it's got a stellar cast and looks to be set in the 60s. What more do you need? Hit the deets after the break.

Written and directed by Carter, Maladies is being produced under Franco’s production banner RabbitBandini Productions by Miles Levy (Howl), Vince Jolivette (The Ape), Jeff Most (The Crow) and Marni Zelnick. The pic was recently acquired by Voltage Pictures who will bring it to Cannes 2012.

Maladies follows three people struggling to coexist together in a little house in a beach town, separated and bonded by their mental illnesses from the rest of the world. Franco plays a former actor whose schizophrenia forces him to leave his craft and remain only a shell of his former self. Keener supports his the cross-dressing best friend whose struggle with her own gender identity precludes her from keeping the group together, and Goodson rounds out the trio as Franco’s sister whose mental detachment exacerbates the tensions already prevalent in the house.

Maldies stars James Franco, Catherine Keener, David Strathairn, Alan Cumming, Fallon Goodson.

Check out the first trailer and a schwack of images below.

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thespiralquirk (10 years ago) Reply

Looks interesting, great cast but judging my the background music and clothes, I'd say set mid-late 70s (ELO's Telephone line was released in 76)

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