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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.20.11] movie news

We recently ran a bevy of delectable contests that a lot of you entered. As you know not everyone can win. I know it sucks , but that's just life and there's nothing we here at Quiet Earth can do about that.

Here are the winners!

Kidnapped: Rennie Resmini, Matt Repetski, Brandon Peters, Kirk Reimer and Cameron Macphee

The Wave: Robert Russomano, Ben Susser, Martin Kopec, Eric Brandt and Jason Coffman

A Cadaver Christmas: D.L. Bogart, Randy Vaughn, Brian Platter and Thomas Riccardi.

Astron-6 Collection: Hannah Margaret Barrett and Mark Bond

Some of you may have already received your packages. The rest will be sent out first week of 2012. Here's hoping the world's still around so you can get some winnings.

The rest of you non-winners just keep entering! We've got more contests coming at ya in the new year.

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anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

Thank you very much for the prize, but is there any chance you could not display my full name? I don't like to be google-able. I put my name in the email field above. Thanks!


lazaruskid (11 years ago) Reply

received Kidnapped early last week. thank you. -rr

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