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quietearth [Celluloid 12.19.11] action drama

This beauty revolving around people wandering a ruined, empty city premiered at TIFF back in 2009 with only some stunning stills to show for it. (Our own Rick McGrath was there but alas, he didn't like it.) We then waited forever (I even pestered the production folks) for a trailer to no avail, but apparently one showed up about a year ago which we unfortunately missed.

A city in ruins. It may be the end of a war, or the end of an era. A group of survivors gets together to try to escape. There's Rey, a skeptical business man fallen into disgrace. El mudo, who has chosen not to speak, but who keeps for himself the secrets of music. Berry, an indian looking man who lives in a church dome, and carries the last traces of a long lost romanticism. Cielo, a paranoid and amoral teenager who worships Rey. Monito, an abandoned child in the search for love. And Brian, a kid still innocent after his parents' slaughter. These characters begin a journey that will face them to their own fears, dreams and longings, in their quest for salvation across the Fijman River.

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digitalgodd (10 years ago) Reply

Got this on DVD early this summer from a guy that got it from the director. It is slow paced and not much of a story. I agree with the dude that went to the screening, I did not like it either.

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