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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 12.14.11] scifi animation

Two words I haven't seen together often are Indonesian animation. Of course, we all know there's animation from everywhere but it's not often that one of these little gems emerges from an unexpected place.

My Indonesian is non-existent but from the bits of info I could find, this is the product of Lakon Animasi, a new animation studio that seems to have emerged out of nowhere when this first video landed on-line in early December.

Lakon Pada Suatu Ketika, which Google has loosely translated into In A While (if someone could clarify that, it would be much appreciated), is short, impressive and a heck of a good time and judging from the comments on the studio's Facebook page, it's also the first of a few clips to come which I can only assume will mean when all's said and done, we may get a longer short. Until we know more, simply enjoy what appears to be the first of a few clips.

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wickitom (10 years ago) Reply

Looks awesome, I want more.


Wooders (10 years ago) Reply

Wonderfully impressive. Re the title - on the Vimeo site an Indonesian says that pada suatu ketika = once upon a time

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