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quietearth [Celluloid 12.14.11] scifi drama experimental

Midget robed monsters from Phantasm meets the Nutcracker meets arthouse. That's the only way I can describe the first film from theater director Bidzina Kanchaveli. Based in a future world where humanity has evolved past emotions, 1000 Kings relies solely on green screen to provide the abstract background for it's interpretive dance, and my bet is you'll be able to see it at the next Sci-Fi London, but first, they need help finishing the film.

Please go to the indiegogo project page and make a donation. They're seeking $15,000 for post production and as I really want to see it, I want you to give them your money. So please, be generous!

Our first post on this film was back in April.

In a distant future, mankind has transformed into a society completely reduced to the intellect. Living in an obscure system of immense spaces, people can only be distinguished from one another by their different social positions.

Only one among them still has the gift to sense emotions. For this ability he is admired, exploited and kept under control. However one day he manages to escape their domineering influence and is ruthlessly punished as a result.

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Anon (10 years ago) Reply

This sure ain't no Shakira video.

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