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quietearth [Film Festival 12.12.11] drama

One of the ways I pick films is by intuition and my spidey sense tingled when I read about this one. Made by the Zellner Brothers, who also incidentally live in Colorado like me, the story revolves around a rebellious girl who spends her time roaming the land, leaving destruction in her wake. While we don't have much other then a few indeterminate stills, there is a longer synopsis following. I'm hoping for something like Harmony Korine's Gummo. Kid-Thing is premiering in the Sundance NEXT program which caters to the more avant-garde, or if you like, experimental.

I've traded emails with the brothers and they're heavily in post right now, and while they didn't promise, hopefully we can get some footage! I'm excited for this one.

On the outskirts of Austin, 10-year-old Annie tears around on her BMX bike, hurls dough at cars, and smashes things up with her baseball bat. Her father, a goat farmer-cum-demolition-derby driver, does little parenting. Annie has no friends her age, so her daily routine is filled with solitary mischief. Playing in the woods one day, she hears a woman’s plaintive call for help from an abandoned well. Though Annie feels driven to visit the well daily, she is unsure about how to deal with the woman’s plight.

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DirtySouth (10 years ago) Reply

My interest is peaked, but this idea about someone stuck in a well that only a child knows about, seems pretty familiar. I believe Stephen King has a short story to this effect.

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