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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.08.11] movie news horror

Lionsgate wants another “updated, down and dirty low budget” (Deadline) version of Bret Easton Ellis' novel American Psycho and they've hired the guy to do it. His name's Noble Jones. Jones wrote the script and will likely direct.

Though it took me one or two viewings to fully embrace Mary Harron's 2000 version with Christian Bale, her film has become a favourite of mine and a reminder of just how credible Bale is as a performer and how he doesn't always take the easy roles. I mean, he was basically blacklisted for a time after making the controversial film which is why he had to do stuff like Reign of Fire for a while after.

/Film reports that Lionsgate (who is leading the charge on this one) wants a film that shows how NY has changed since the last film was made (9/11 maybe?). But, does that mean the story will no longer take place in the 80s? With the book being so much a commentary on the hedonism of that era, I wonder if that will work.

I don't know, if you consider it another take on the book and not a "remake" perhaps it feels like an interesting move, but Harron's film is pretty iconic.

What do you guys think?

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Rev Wright (10 years ago) Reply

F*ckin' pointless *grinds teeth*


CooterPuppet (10 years ago) Reply

I really liked the original, and speaking of original, how about an original idea? I understand being based on a novel, the original film wasn't necessarily "original", but the concept of the novel becoming a film however was, once... So why not consider scrapping the 12 year later remake in favor of a completely new story, not American Psycho whatsoever... Remakes are beginning very aggravating as of late, and I'm certain this will be disappointing to the intelligent and consumed by the MTV generation as something "cool". -a pissed off 24 y/o


Haematobic (10 years ago) Reply


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