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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 11.27.11] movie trailer news short scifi

Check out this trailer for David Oyelowo's sci-fi short film Rahab. It's based on the Biblical story of the fall of Jericho, which centers on a slave, a spy, a city at war and a hard choice that must be made. Sounds like classic space opera stuff to me.

The film is based on an idea that won Oyelowo the 2011 Enter The Pitch contest - a contest where you create a two minute pitch for a short film idea, based on a story in the bible, whether directly or loosely, and the winner gets 40 big ones to produce it. Not a bad first prize.

From there, the project goes up against other projects floating around the big H to see if it'll get made into a feature. For men, the world in this trailer feels like a decent BSG-style tv show.

Here's the trailer:

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Via: Shadow and Act

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(11 years ago) Reply

Think Oyelowo is just starring. The comp was won by an unknown (Rob Mclellan), who went on to direct the short.


(11 years ago) Reply

Think you'll also find that it's called RAHAB, not Rehab ...

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