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Christopher Webster [DVD News 11.22.11] movie news dvd blu-ray

Conan the Barbarian - Marcus Nisel's take on Conan the Barbarian is a non-stop, violent tale with little time for story or world-building in between savage showdowns and snarls from Jason Moma. While the film was not loved by many, I thought it was a blast and I salute Lionsgate's and Millennium's decision to stick to an R-rated vision.

Super 8 - Though a little flimsy around the edges, J.J. Abrams' Super 8 emerges as a loving homage to the Spielberg golden age, childhood and the movies I grew up on. While I was swept up in the genuine sparkle of the film's earnestness and the superb young ensemble, I thought the scifi concept was a little under-developed. Still, one of the best family films released in recent years.

The Devil's Double - I've heard mixed things about this one. I've heard it praised as an amazing thriller with a groundbreaking performance from Dominic Cooper. And I've heard it called ethically empty. The cover is at least one of the most striking I've seen in ages at any rate and I'll definitely be checking this one out.

Helldriver - If you're familiar with the Sushi Typhoon crew you already know what to expect from this latest offering of leather and gore. Go with grace into the night...

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