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Christopher Webster [General News 11.21.11] movie news scifi noir

Tarsem Singh, whose latest film Immortals just opened to massive numbers and who is likely to have a hit on his hands with the Snow White comedy Mirror Mirrror starring Julia Roberts, has attached himself to a golden oldie called Killing On Carnival Row. Why do I call it a golden oldie? Because The script by Travis Beacham was originally set up six years ago.

The writer's subsequent credits include Clash of the Titans and muthafuggin' Pacific Rim, as well as the Disney remake of Black Hole (I'll believe is when I see it) and the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea remake which will reportedly be directed by David Fincher.

Here's the beef:
"The future noir script takes place in the future in a city called the Burgue, which looks a lot like 18th Century London. It is inhabited by humans and other creatures, and a serial killer is on the loose."

Via: Deadline

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