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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 11.18.11] scifi

File this under the 'what took so long?' category. Everyone's favourite giant monsters destroying cities video game will be developed for the screen by producer John Rickard (Final Destination franchise). Thing is he doesn't have any idea of how to do it and is looking for writers to help get the project started. Can't help but wonder if the eventual story would stay true to the monsters being scientists who drank purple potions...

The game comes from Midway Games, which was acquired by New Line's sister company Warner Bros. in 2009 for $33 million and Word from THR is New Line Studios will be releasing the film.

We should probably assume that if Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim (which starts shooting this week) is as big a hit as everyone thinks we'll be seeing a lot more giant things destroying stuff movies which is just fine by me.

More as it comes!

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(10 years ago) Reply

File this under the 'why does this concept need to be licensed' category, and then stick it in the drawer marked 'shit ideas'. oh, and for the horrible mess to be complete, attach a producer who hasn't a notion of how to command dramatic tension, a coherent storyline or believable performances or dialogue. jesus titting christ. a rampage movie? i'd be more interested in the biography of a circa 1986 atari joystick. there were ups, there were downs. there were lefts and rights...

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