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Christopher Webster [DVD News 11.17.11] movie news dvd blu-ray

Bellflower - Only a couple releasees this week, but thankfully one of them is Bellflower. This is one of our favourite films of the year and a must- watch for you who wished Mad Max had more indie romance in it. I dreamed of flame throwers and decked out muscle cars for days after this one.

Griff the Invisible - is a new real-guy-superhero movie that flew under the radar, but is supposed to be pretty good, so I'll be checking it out soon I think. It stars True Blood's Ryan Kwanten.

Evil Dead 2 (25th Anniversary Edition) - Less a sequel and more a slapstick re-imagining of the Evil Dead story, Evil Dead 2 is a lot of people's favourite "Ash" movie. Don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to seeing this re-dress on Blu-ray.

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chuck (10 years ago) Reply

I love you guys but the grey text on a black background is torture to read. Also Bellflower was awesome.

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