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quietearth [Celluloid 11.08.11] post apocalyptic scifi drama romance

Danny Boyle will be producing this post apocalyptic diddy which reportedly has a budget in the $30 Million range. Based in the near future where the world's water supply has run out, Paani sounds like yet another Indian class film. With wars, gang lords, and of course, romance, I'm betting this will be another story of underdog triumph. This marks Shekhar Kapur's return to India as his last few films have been shot in the US or the UK, most notably Elizabeth. It will be shot in English and is supposedly set to begin production right about now.

When the Megacities run out of water, the masses in the war-torn Lower City are drip-fed by the Gang Lords and the Upper City’s ruling elite. Water is currency – and a weapon.

When a young water warrior kidnaps the beautiful daughter of the biggest water corporation's boss, passion blooms amid revolution and riots and a young couple's love is put to the test as they fight to return water to the people.

Special thanks to the Avery Mining Corp.

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syilakown (10 years ago) Reply

sounds an awful lot like SolarBabies...which id like to watch again come to think of it :)

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