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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 10.27.11] movie news scifi action

There's another independent scifi mash-up featuring nazis and UFOs on the scene and it looks like an absolute blast. It's called 25th Reich and while we've covered it here before we just got passed the film's awesome first trailer and it looks crazy fun. This is a morning-must-watch.

Official synopsis:
In 1943, five US soldiers are recruited by the OSS for a time travel mission to save the world from the tyranny of Hitler's 25th Reich.

Now in post-production, the movie was produced in Australia and features a great crew with tons of experience. Costume designs were done by Ian Sparke (The Pacific), special makeup effects by Nik Dorning (Lord of the Rings, Australia, Troy and Knowing), editing by Bill Murphy (Romper Stomper), a Wagnerian, motif-driven score by Ricky Edwards (Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole).

Check out the trailer below!

Directed by Stephen Amis, the film stars Jim Knobeloch (Heaven’s Gate), Serge DeNardo, Angelo Salamanca, Dan Balcaban and Jak Wyld.

Visit: for more.

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(10 years ago) Reply

looks a bit shite actually


Aladdin Sarsippius (10 years ago) Reply

Damn Sarge,whats in this thing Michelle Obama's A%*?


masque36 (10 years ago) Reply

get ready for Scifi next Saturday night movie. Oops, wait didn't make the cut. Check out bargain bin at Walmart next week.


Chris (10 years ago) Reply

Uh...looks really, really crappy like it was knocked off over a long weekend with some stuff left over (stolen) from making Tintin. And you gotta know the guys at Iron Sky are pissed!!! Years of work. Stupid crowd sourcing and these a..holes pull this stunt.


Docus (10 years ago) Reply

Uhm... that cgi looks pretty bad... to say the least.


Votre (10 years ago) Reply

The world is gonna end in 2012 isn't it?
Maybe just in time to *not* see the release of this piece of crap?


Duuude (10 years ago) Reply

I reckon it looks pretty cool. Filming takes a long time so I doubt it was done in a short period. Iron sky also looks cool.


max Strieber (10 years ago) Reply

funny how everyone else on the web is buzzing about this movie. Looks like the boys at iron sky are a bit worried about this movie. I have it on good authority the 25th reich was shot long before iron sky, on a fraction of their budget. Iron sky pretends it is crowd funded, but it is really mostly european financed with an 8 million euro budget! It was also shot in Australia using taxpayer funding!


Sureshot (10 years ago) Reply

Here here, Max. I work at Screen Queensland and Iron Sky took advantage of the tax breaks here in Australia to photograph their film. It was mostly broadcaster financed and very little was crowd funded like they are promoting it is. I agree it is a sham, and the crowd funding raised has been used to buy equipment for their next movie. Their budget was over 8 million euros. The 25th Reich was photographed long before Iron Eagle - I mean - Iron Sky, and was in development at Screen Australia for 5 years! Shame on Iron Sky recruiting the above bloggers to trash 25th Reich!


StarsInHerEyes (10 years ago) Reply

This movie was made on only about a million dollars. Pretty awesome considering. Also, has been in production long before Iron Sky


Jessica (10 years ago) Reply

Since I posted this I've been tiyrng to think of a good way to do a war film trailer, and I've decided there are two types of war films: pro- and contra (i.e. look at how heroic these soldiers are,' like Glory or any number of WWII films, vs. look at how insipid and dehumanizing warfare is,' like MASH or any number of Vietnam films). So if your film falls in the first category it's really hard to cut a trailer that doesn't seem sentimental

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