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quietearth [Celluloid 10.26.11] drama

The film language used in this trailer begins by screaming something sinister. After that we get the familiar feel of an adult child lost. Where is it headed? Director Jamie Heinrich won't tell me the ending but considering how much we loved I Like You (now available on Time Warner's OnDemand), I'm optimistic.

I should add this is another successful financing via kickstarter.

Cole is known for his background as a famous commercial actor from the 80's. He has now taken on his own made up profession as a photographer.

Cole's relationship with his 13 year old daughter Kaitlyn is diminishing and it's crushing him. Kaitlyn is miserable and blames Cole for being an only child. Cole tries to replenish it with a discovery of a long lost child he never knew he had through a knocked up, dropped out, high school girl friend. He develops a relationship with his newly discovered 18 year old son, Bo, and makes a week long documentary about him to surprise his daughter with, at her 13th birthday party.

A lot happens in Cole's one week journey up to Kaitlyn's birthday party. A wild surprise from a high school ex, a child he didn't know existed, a newly built relationship with two wild 18 year old orphans boys, an affair with his newly found son's girl friend, and a kick in the face twist that redefines Cole's existence of a human being.

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