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quietearth [Celluloid 10.27.11] scifi action comic

With a little Peter Chung (Aeon Flux) flare, the fabulous duo behind the incredible scifi short Afterville return with a graphic novel entitled The New World. They've sent along some exclusive pages and told us this was the original Afterville story which was heavily modified before being turned into the incredible piece which ended up on the 2008 International watch list. Created and written by Fabio & Fabio, the story revolves around rebuilding the world after a devastating war with aliens. The two are publishing this comic in the hope they can get it turned into a feature, tv show or a video game. It's drawn by Alessandro Balluchi with colouring done by Marco Patrucco.

After aliens wage war on the Earth, the world has to move on. Cities are rebuilt. Politicians and corporations try to stabilise the system while terrorists want to bring it down. In all of this, different languages, cultures and technologies blend for the purpose of progress. But at what cost?

Scientists won't accept limitations on experiments and people live in shantytowns. Rebels fight to free the slaves. In this new world, there's one individual that's unique: an alien-human hybrid. Everyone is after him and he'll have to choose sides. He's destined to be the saviour of one species and the destroyer of the other.

The New World has no set publishing date but we'll let you know.

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