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quietearth [Celluloid 10.26.11] comedy drama

The trailer for Aaron Schimberg's film (formerly titled HULK) has an apprehensive feel like the magician's saw-in-half trick is about to go awry. It's populated with carnival sideshow freaks, personalities and is formatted in an ominous direction. They're waiting, but for what? Details on the story have been kept under wraps, but as this is billed as a comedy and a drama, we're expecting it to be dark. No, this experimental indie which is entirely shot on Super16MM B&W stock isn't apocalyptic, but it does look incredible! We first reported on it back in August of 2010 and now we have the first footage for you.

Physical and psychological devastation ravage a forsaken town. A man loses at cards on purpose, another man loses his leg on purpose; a war hero tells stories that cause blindness; a small boy is relentlessly pursued by his doctor; soldiers camp in the forest, only to wait. When the town is completely destroyed, we shift to a different place and time that feels uncomfortably familiar.

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